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Twitter introduces Bookmarks features for saving tweets


Twitter has launched a new bookmarking feature for tweets. The feature was in testing on iOS for some time now but was officially released for both platforms today.

The bookmarking feature is available under the old DM sharing button. The button has now been redesigned and lets you send the tweet via DM, add it to bookmarks or share it via other other apps on your phone.

Once you add a tweet via this shortcut, it gets added to your bookmarks folder, which can be accessed through the side menu on both iOS and Android. Here, bookmarked tweets will be visible in reverse chronological order of which they were added. This is different from the Likes feature on Twitter, where liked tweets are sorted in the order they were tweeted and not the order they were liked.

The nice thing about the bookmarks is that they get synced across devices, so if you have more than one phone, adding tweets to bookmarks on one device will sync them across both devices. Too bad Twitter doesn’t yet support syncing for drafts.

The Bookmarks feature is available on the iOS and Android apps, Twitter Lite app for Android and Twitter mobile site. It doesn’t seem like the feature is coming to desktop any time soon.


  1. @Yuliya: (I clicked the wrong link, sorry) There shouldn”t be a *real* performance difference between Firefox 52 and Firefox 57. But if ESR 52 only took a few seconds it”s a real _good_ sign if Firefox 57 took more than ten minutes. Let me explain what I mean: Firefox (as other browsers) has a problem to load thousands of websites at the same time. So at some point Bookmarks Organizer gets really fast responses false responses. It”s sure that a lot if not the most of your results are false positives in ESR 52 because it”s not possible at all to check bookmarks that fast. Your comment means that Firefox 57 is much better in executing this task, because with 8,900 bookmarks it has to take so much time. But still: there will be too much false positives with Firefox 57 and a lot of bookmarks. Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 will even take longer for your 8,900 bookmarks, maybe 20 minutes. I have to guess, I have “only 5,000 bookmarks. This has less to do with a performance degredation of newer Firefox versions but with the trottling mechanism of Bookmarks Organizer 2.0. It”s really necessary because you shouldn”t delete working bookmarks only because Bookmarks Organizer says these bookmarks are broken. This enhancement has a cost (performance) but this combined with two other improvements of Bookmarks Organizer makes Bookmarks Organizer much more trustworthy.


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